Meeting Minutes

Here you will find a record of past board meetings. For more information about meeting minutes, please contact the board secretary Any future meeting dates below are only tentative and subject to change.
Please visit the Join the Council page if you wish to get involved.
The meeting minutes are downloadable in .PDF form, with file sizes being less than 500kb.


January 6January 20February 03February 24March 9
March 23April 6April 20May 4May 19
June 1June 15June 29July 13July 27
Aug 10Aug 24   


January 7January 21Feb 4Feb 25Mar 11
Mar 25Apr 8Apr 29May 27Office Collective June 6
Jun 10*Jun 24Jul 8Jul 22Aug 12
Aug 26Sep 09Sep 23Oct 07Nov 04
Nov 18Dec 2   

*The June 10th meeting had no minutes due to lack of quorum


January 8January 22February 5February 19March 5
March 19April 9April 23May 7May 28
June 11June 25July 9July 23Aug 13
Aug 27*Sept 10Sept 24Oct 15Oct 29
Nov 19Dec 3

*The August 27th meeting had no minutes due to lack of quorum


January 9January 23February 6February 20March 6
March 20April 3April 24May 8May 29
June 12June 26July 10July 24August 14
August 28September 11September 25October 16October 30
November 20December 4


January 11January 25February 15February 29March 14
April 4April 18May 9May 30June 13
June 27July 11July 25August 8August 22
September 12September 26October 17November 7November 21

2014 and before

We’ve kept council minutes prior to 2015 off the site to keep things clean! We’re happy to fulfil legitimate requests for minutes at