Martial Arts Club

This club looks to discuss and share philosophy and techniques from various Asian martial arts.


Students deserve an education, not debt. The RISE UP campaign, created by the British Columbia Federation of Students, aims to amplify the voices of students in the fight for fair and affordable education. High tuition fees, including the unfair, overreliance on international students, to fund BC’s public post-secondary institutions has created a student debt crisis … Read more

Chess Club

A welcoming space for chess players of all skill levels, we will have weekly chess meetups where you can play.

Camosun Soccer Club

Our objectives are physical literacy, student inclusion, and the building of a soccer community for all Camosun students!


Something big is coming your way

myVirtualDoctor is powered by TELUS Health will be active for eligible students starting September 1st, 2023.

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Dungeons & Dragons Club logo

Want to play that game you saw the kids on Stranger Things playing? Been a long term Dungeon Master and want to be a player again? Been a long time player but looking to DM your first game? Then this is the club for you! Whether you know the Player Handbook start to finish, or … Read more