Dungeons & Dragons Club

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Want to play that game you saw the kids on Stranger Things playing? Been a long term Dungeon Master and want to be a player again? Been a long time player but looking to DM your first game? Then this is the club for you! Whether you know the Player Handbook start to finish, or … Read more

HR Club

An inclusive social outlet for students interested in human resources and business administration

Robotics and Automation Club

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Club description Robotics and Automation Club (RAC) is an engineering club that focuses on robotics and automation technology. The club aims to provide hands-on experience in engineering to members through real-world projects. With practical projects like rapid prototyping, control system design and electrical system design, members can enhance their specialty and expose themselves to different … Read more

Foam Blaster Action Club

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Club description We use toys known as blasters to shoot foam projectiles at each other similarly to dodge-ball.