We support, follow, or have endorsed a number of campaigns from a variety of sources. Check them out below! If you have any questions, please contact the campaigns committee chair at or our Campaigns Coordinator at

Current Campaigns

Students deserve an education, not debt. The RISE UP campaign, created by the British Columbia Federation of Students, aims to Read more
How can we tell the next generation that they can’t afford to dream? Read more
The campaign focuses on building a consent culture on campus and having conversations about what consent is. Read more
Indigenous students face issues with education attainment and participation in post-secondary education across Canada. Read more
The high cost of textbooks has become a serious obstacle to accessing post-secondary education in BC. Read more
Fairness for International Students
Due to government underfunding, institutions have come to depend on the revenue they receive from increasing fees for international students. Read more

Past Campaigns

Student Voices Old Growth
Join Savannah Baratt and Amanda Garner as they show you how you can use your voice to bring an immediate Read more