Any student looking for housing has several online resources available to them. We have included some local resources below for students who are new to the area, moving, or having issues with their landlord. For students looking to rent, there are several common categories that exist in Victoria, namely: Roommates, 1/2/3 bedroom Apartments, Room in House, House Suites (basement or upstairs), Condo (Privately owned apartments), or Homestay/Room & Board (meals provided). All rental units require a deposit (no more than 1/2 one month rent) and must comply with BC government legislation, known as the Residential Tenancy Act.

Housing Search

Many students have found success with housing in Victoria by using the resources listed below:

CCSS Health and Dental has created a more in-depth PDF of housing resources – Check it out here.

Note: Camosun College does not have on-campus residence. If you are new to the area, consider finding a residence that is near the bus routes that directly connect to Camosun using transit maps linked below:

Lansdowne Bus Routes:



Interurban Bus Routes:






Greater Victoria Transit Map
BC Transit Trip Planner

Helpful Websites

Guide for Apartment Searches

Guide for Roommate Searches

How to get along with your roommate

Resources for Renters

For all tenancy issues, we suggest you first visit TRAC (Tenancy Resource & Advisory Centre). Their website is a great resource for renters and those with landlord issues. TRAC can evaluate your specific issue, provide feedback, and be able to better indicate if the issue is a violation of the Tenancy Act. They can be reached by phone.

TRAC : Tenancy Resource & Advisory Centre

To avoid or negotiate a dispute with a landlord, knowledge of the BC Residential Tenancy Act can be helpful. It is written in a way that can easily be read and understood by anyone. If you ever have issues with your landlord that can’t be resolve through discussions with the landlord, as a last resort you can file for dispute resolution with the BC Residential Tenancy Branch. Here is the website:

BC Provincial Residential Tenancy Branch Office

If you are ever in need of help, please contact the Camosun College Counselling Centre. The Counselling Centre can meet with students who are prospective or current. Please visit their website for full information, and to get in touch with someone.

Camosun College Counselling Center

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