Student Group Forms

Registered student groups (clubs) should complete the following forms as needed.

If your group is not currently registered, please click here to register.

The following forms can be submitted using this page:

  Student Group Funding ApplicationPrint or Modify to Submit .DOCX
  Club Membership ListPrint or Modify to Submit .DOCX
  Pre-Approved Expense ReimbursementPrint or Modify to Submit .DOCX
  Service Request (Materials, Printing, etc)Print or Modify to Submit .DOCX
  CCSS Services Feedback FormPrint or Modify to Submit .DOCX
  Travel Pool Fund ApplicationPrint or Modify to Submit .DOCX

Form Submission Instructions:
1. Download file
2. Complete
3. Save file
4. Submit completed file

Student Group Form Submission
eg. Founder, President, Organizer, Assistant, Member, etc.
Your group must be active and registered for the current semester with the Camosun College Student Society. If you have not done that yet, you must submit a registration or renewal before proceeding. This can be done at
Please click which form is being submitted:

The CCSS provides funding for student groups who are active in the campus community, under multiple categories. Please be aware that Common-Interest and Recreational Clubs automatically receive up to 200$ in funding for regular expenses each semester. To receive that funding, please review and submit a “Pre-Approved Expense Reimbursement” form and be aware of the many restrictions for club funding, outlined in that document.

Feedback forms are automatically sent to the Executive Director and the Elected Student Executive. All suggestions and complaints will be discussed and reviewed confidentially. If you have any concerns that you wish to bring to the attention of the College Ombudsperson, please contact them directly by visiting their website:

We require your email for this submission.
We require a phone number we can reach you at for the form you are submitting
If you have more additional documents, you can email them to .... Supported formats: .xlsx .xls .doc .docx .pdf .jpeg .gif .png

Please print or download and complete any of the forms at the top of this page. Once you have completed them, either save or scan the document and submit it using this form. Before you can upload, you must change your answer to: “Yes, I have completed the form and am ready to submit it.”

We can not follow-up with you if you are anonymous. We deal with all feedback seriously and discuss them confidentially through during our internal process.
Please submit your receipts in these fields. You do not need to fill all of the below fields, however, DETAIL receipts are required for each item that is being reimbursed by the CCSS.
reCAPTCHA is required.

If you have any questions, you need to contact