Jobs and Careers with the CCSS


Current Positions

No positions currently listed

Page updated: Nov. 8, 2022

Future positions

We usually try and hire campus club ambassadors and Walk Safer ambassadors in August and September. Keep an eye out here when those positions come out.

Better yet, follow our social media – we post when we have jobs available, as well as other helpful updates such as events, clubs, and services.





Looking for other jobs?

Camosun Co-op and Career services does a great job of assisting students at Camosun.

Check them out here!


Get involved

If you just want to get involved in a great organization and get a reference for your resume, feel free to volunteer with us!

And our CCSS elections and Camosun elections are held in April and October every year. Although the positions are not jobs, they provide many responsibilities and a nominal honorarium.

Vacant board positions occasionally can have students appointed to them. For more information on the CCSS board, visit