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These are groups started by other students – everyone is welcome to join any club. If you are interested in learning more about any clubs, or how you can join, you may contact the club organiser. Course unions, which are groups that provide support to students in 2 year or longer programs, are included as well.

Any Camosun student may join any club by contacting the club and participating in the next club meeting. If you have questions or any trouble joining a club, please phone 250-370-3590 or email That being said, not every student gets the right to participate in every club event.


Start a Club

Do you have the inspiration to organize a club through the student society’s clubs program? Simply submit a registration form and gather at least 5 student members to make it official! Click here to go directly to our REGISTER / RENEW A CLUB page and/or click here to view the CCSS CLUBS POLICY document that defines Clubs at Camosun. We encourage any current or recent students to start a club – it’s easy!


CCSS Club logo
Club description We will be a weekly space to enjoy good food and meaningful conversations. Read more
CCSS Club logo
We are a group of students in ART 182 who are preparing for the Visual Arts second year 2020 graduation Read more
Camosun Fitness & Rec club logo
While technically not a club, it’s encouraged that students consider the Camosun students and staff can now book one workout Read more
Dungeons & Dragons Club logo
Want to play that game you saw the kids on Stranger Things playing? Been a long term Dungeon Master and Read more
Psychology Club logo
Club description The Camosun Psychology Club is a club for anyone interested in viewing guest lectures and experimenting in psychology. Read more
CCSS Club logo
A group of students associated with, or planning to be associated with, the comics program. Read more
CCSS Clubs logo
An inclusive social outlet for students interested in human resources and business administration Read more
CNSC logo
We come together to support the student body, advocate for marginalized populations, and increase educational experiences for nursing students. Read more
CCSS Club logo
Club description Welcome to the Maker's Club! Everything from 3D printing to steampunk art... Let's create! Read more
CCSS Club logo
Club description Robotics and Automation Club (RAC) is an engineering club that focuses on robotics and automation technology. The club Read more
CSEE SA club logo
Our main goal is to provide social events throughout the school year to connect all students who are part of Read more
Dedicated to providing support, career building, and soft skill development for students interested in accounting and finance. Read more
A group designed to workshop writing and grow as writers together! Read more
CCSS Club logo
Club description We are a political discussion group. Associated with the Communist Party of Canada. Read more
CCSS Club logo
To construct a 3D printer from “scratch” using parts ordered online, and printed/built at the college. Read more
A welcoming space for chess players of all skill levels, we will have weekly chess meetups where you can play. Read more
Our objectives are physical literacy, student inclusion, and the building of a soccer community for all Camosun students! Read more
That Sew Yarn club logo
The purpose of our group is to explore the art of Crochet and Knitting by forming a community of artisans. Read more

The clubs below are looking for an organizer.

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