2022 Fall Elections

Thank you for your interest in the 2022 CCSS Fall Elections.

The election period is now closed

The voice of students at Camosun depends voters!

If you are a student who wants to make a difference, become involved in your community, and contribute to the campus environment, you should consider running in the elections. Being a student representative is a great opportunity for you to build experience, advocate for students, represent the needs of Camosun’s diverse student population, and make an impact during your time at Camosun College.

Note: that there are two referendums for increased access to health and dental.

Students – vote YES in the referendum for increased access to health & dental next week Voting is Oct 24th-Oct 26th https://camosunstudent.org/health-and-dental-referendum-fall-2022

Important Dates

Nomination Period: September 21 – October 4 3pm

During the Nomination Period, prospective candidates must register their candidacy, platform statement, and student nominations. Candidates are required to collect the full names and student numbers of five CCSS members (Camosun students) who wish to nominate their candidacy. 

Campaign Period: October 8 – October 23

The CCSS may reimburse candidates up to a maximum of $25 for marketing costs provided the candidate produces itemized receipts.

Voting Period: October 24 – October 26 11pm

Voting will take place online via electronic ballot delivered to your email register with the college. Members of the Society may vote with one ballot for each of the Council positions for which they are entitled to. If only one nomination is received for a particular office, the election will be by a yes/no vote on a ballot.

Having trouble finding the electronic ballot email? Please check your “Promotions” inbox, your junk mail, or please check any other email account inboxes that you may have used to register with the college. You can email elections@camosunstudent.org or elections@camosun.ca 

About: Electoral Committee

The Electoral Committee is a non-partisan committee that is lead by the Chief Electoral Officer and consists of three members of the society who are not presently seeking election.  This committee is responsible for:

  • The administration of the elections.
  • Ensuring elections occur in a timely manner.
  • Determining the eligibility of nominated candidates.
  • Reporting on the conduct and results of elections to Council for ratification.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Chief Electoral Officer at elections@camosunstudent.org.

What about Camosun EdCo or Board of Governors?

You can learn more about Camosun’s election process at https://camosun.ca/about/leadership/elections or download the college nomination form here.

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Past Elections Results

Please note that this webpage is provided for informational purposes only and does not supersede the bylaws, constitution, or policies of the Camosun College Student Society. Nor does this information replace the advice or direct communication from the Chief Electoral Officer of the Camosun College Student Society.

2022 Fall Election Nomination Form

During the Nomination Period (September 21 – October 4 3pm), prospective candidates must register their candidacy and student nominations using the web form below. Candidates are required to collect the names and student numbers of five CCSS members (Camosun students) who wish to nominate their candidacy.

Click here to go back to the main Elections page for information on important dates and available positions.

Contact elections@camosunstudent.org if you have any questions or concerns.


Candidate Eligibility

As per CCSS bylaws:

  • Nominees for any position on the Council must be regular members of the Society, at least sixteen (16) years of age, and in good standing.
  • All candidates in an election must have been nominated by not less than five (5) current members of the Society.
    • Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of required nominations has decreased from 15 to 5.
  • A member of the Society may not hold more than one (1) position on the Council at any time, with the exception of College governance positions.
  • Nominees for Campus Director positions must be members enrolled in at least one (1) course at the College campus from which they seek election.

About being a member in good standing:

  • A person who is enrolled in at least one (1) course at the college shall be a regular member of the Society.
  • Only regular members are eligible to vote and hold elected office.
  • Regular membership in the Society shall be active during the enrolled semester, and continue four (4) months past the end of the semester.


Nomination Form

Please have your platform statement and 5 nominations ready before you begin filling out the form.  You will not be able to save your progress to continue the form at a later time.

*” indicates required fields

The nomination form is now closed as of October 4th at 3:00 PM.