2021 CCSS Spring Elections

The 2021 CCSS Spring Elections are now open.

If you are a student who wants to make a difference, become involved in your community, and contribute to the campus environment, you should consider running in the elections. Being a student representative is a great opportunity for you to build experience, advocate for students, represent the needs of Camosun’s diverse student population, and make an impact during your time at Camosun College.


2021 Spring Elections Candidates

Meet your 2021 Spring Elections Candidates below.  Click the tabs on the left of the table to view the candidates for each position.  Positions with one candidate will be voted by a yes/no ballot.

External Executive

Puneet Kaur

Hey Fellow Camosun Students! My name is Puneet Kaur, candidate for External Executive. I’m here to work for you and to ensure student interests are at the forefront of all decisions.

In my previous role as Interurban Executive for the Student Society. I had the privilege to advocate for students provincially and federally. Meeting MLA’s and MPs making them aware of students needs, attending the British Columbia Federation of Students’s lobby week, going to AGM of CASA and representing Camosun College Students was a great learning experience. I have established a strong relationship with representatives from other colleges and universities to learn the strengths of other student groups. I would like to bring this experience to the board once again through my new position. I love the diverse and united community of our College, and I want to help it grow.

Listening to the student body is a paramount responsibility of everyone on the board. In the position of External Executive, I want to hear from every student, so I can effectively represent and advocate the behave of students from both campuses. The current pandemic has hit everyone differently. I believe now, more than ever, the student voice needs to be heard. Make your vote count and elect Puneet Kaur as your next External Executive.

Lansdowne Executive

Gavinjit Bassi

Hi my name is Gavinjit Bassi I’m running for the position of lansdowne executive. My goal is to make people’s voices heard, and represent this great institution to the best of my ability. My goals are to connect with the community, and make sure everyone feels heard. I view myself as the underdog the student who is not in the limelight, but rather the one who barely gets by. I will make sure students similar to me get their voices heard and concerns attended too. Vote for me this spring and let ourselves be heard.

Interurban Executive

Sneha Mary Chacko

My name is Sneha Mary Chacko, from India. After my undergraduate degree, I wanted to expand my boundaries and learnings from an international experience. This led me to Camosun where I am currently in the 3rd semester for the PDD in HR and Leadership Options. Along with my studies, I work at Walmart as a Customers Services Manager and volunteer for ICO as a Membership Service Coordinator. I enjoy my schedule because it not only provides new experiences but also helps shape skills like patience, quick thinking and ability to face challenges head-on.

I would like to stand for the position of the Interurban Executive Director for Camosun to lead and serve the CSSS. Taking my practical knowledge of being a manager, coordinator and a quick learner I am confident that I would be a great fit.

I have led my college Roller Hockey Team, conducted an annual Intercollegiate Management Fests and also been part of many intercultural activities back in India. I believe in my ability to help coordinate and take responsibility for organizing activities and CCSS events, by coordinating with the Clubs Coordinator staff, making sure the recreational, cultural, and social needs of students are met.


Harsh Dabhade

Namaste! I hope everyone is doing well in this pandemic. I am Harsh Dabhade an International student from India running for Interurban Executive for this term.

As a student council president of my college in my home country, I was responsible for many crucial events that represented my college on an inter-college level. My college staff and colleagues trusted me for my abilities and skills. During my experience as a student council president at my college, I juggled numerous tasks, networked with a lot of people and learnt to work efficiently. My qualities of leadership, management and good communication make me feel I am the right candidate for this specific position at Interurban.

What I am offering to this position is hard work, the ability to work with others with a cool head, and flexibility. My experience and knowledge make me believe that I can handle the affairs of this position responsibly. From organizing and managing activities in cooperation with CCSS staff to helping students in every way is my commitment.


Ashley Reid

I am running for the Interurban Executive position because I want to help students make their voices heard on campus and help to make sure everyone has an opportunity to pursue their passion with clubs and events.

Women’s Director

Shonchalai Son

I am Shonchalai from Siberia pursuing a Post-Degree Diploma in Marketing. My whole life I was surrounded by strong women. My grandmother grew up in a yurt in the steppes of the Tuvan Republic. She raised two daughters who became a lawyer (my mother) and a doctor (my aunt). Growing up with them under the same roof through the times of scarcity that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union, I have witnessed their strength and resilience. I am a product of women working together to overcome struggles. I bring tenacious determination to see women succeed because I know we can.

I am a strong supporter of women’s issues. Topics that I am passionate about include:

  • Women’s physical and mental health,
  • Substance abuse issues,
  • Harassment-free workplaces,
  • Physical and emotional abuse-free relationships.

I know how important it is to be supported by other women. I strive to be part of a non-judgemental and stigma-free environment. I am committed to serving the needs of the women in the Camosun Community.


Mehar Kapoor

It has almost been a year since I have been working with CCSS as the Lansdowne director and now I think I need a better position and according to me the best one would be to represent women from our community as the women’s director of CCSS. This position will fetch me better experiences and an intimate view of what the girls out there feel, do they feel safe late in the evenings walking back from their work or school?

Moreover, the school is reopening in fall and there are going to be classes late in the evening and I would really like to make all the students feel safe and secure. We do have the walk safer volunteering; we still are looking forward to plan some more initiatives. Women are a very important part of the community and it is very important for us to feel the sense of respect and equality from everybody else. I think this is the best position I can help my girls out there to promote equality in the community.


Afaf Burrow

My name is Afaf Burrow. I am a student in the combined Camosun College/ University of Victoria BSN program and am running to be your Women’s Director for the 2021-2022 year! This role carries the responsibility of voicing the needs and concerns of self-identified women within the Camosun College Student Society (CCSS). It involves supporting women and creating open spaces for dialogue. I want to advocate for increased focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Currently, I am the Camosun Nursing Student Collective vice-president where I am proud to help facilitate opportunities such as naloxone training, bake sales and more. I had the pleasure of speaking at a women’s march gathering and am an active board member with the World Refugee Day committee. I am also a member of the RCMP national youth advisory committee where youth around Canada work to improve their respective communities. My passion for social awareness runs deep. Being a nominee for this position, I understand the responsibilities this title will bring. I am confident that I can communicate your wishes efficiently, without personal bias or motive. I hope to grow with you and ensure that women of all backgrounds can feel comfortable and safe on campus.

Student Wellness and Access Director

Tran Thi Kim Tuyen

I love myself and I know we are all lovable. This perception makes me happy with almost things arising in my life, that is something I did not realize until I turned 29. I worked as a professional manager in hotels for years, living in the favorable life conditions, enjoying with group of friends, partnerships, co-workers but I never felt enough. Instead, I got lonely once I was surrounded with array of people who used to be closed to me, and smile with me but only my family were there with me once I was in the hard state of health conditions. I realized that truth love was not there but in my heart once I can share it, give it and present it to someone in any circumstances. I decided to change my life, quitting the job, searching for college to upgrade my education and prepare for my life project of serving people. I wish to be part of the community and convey my love message to as many people as I can. We all are lovable, which makes our lives perfect.

Serving people is the way I love myself.


Oscar Reyes

My name is Oscar Reyes and I am a 1st year Sports Management student, passionate about advocating for students and more for those with a kind of physical disadvantage, because I have deaf relatives and I know at first-hand how difficult can be to them try to express, communicate, or even to get access to the most basic services, this is one big motivator to me, to strive for those who need a louder voice that can help them, working with them and for them, to enjoy the best in their student life inside the Campus and outside too, without any obstacle for them.

I am running for the Student Wellness Access position, where I want to work on behalf of you, with you, and for those who need to raise their voice to be listened to and noticed with respect.

Students deserve a proactive, accountable, and fun student community, I believe together we can turn a disability into skilled abilities and advantages.

I plan to prioritize the following for your benefit:

  • strive for you as a supportive person having in mind these important goals for our community:
  • improve engagement between our community
  • face to face meetings
  • focus groups
  • A podcast

Thank for taking the time to read my platform and if you have any question, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Oscar Reyes


Arshnoor Kaur

Hello Everyone, My name is Arshnoor kaur, I am running for the position of Wellness and Access Director. I am here to work for you and represent your thoughts.Being the voice for students with learning disabilities and physical disabilities I Assure you that my efforts will always be directed towards your grievances and issues concerning any academic needs and make sure that these issues are represented and considered in CCSS.Further more, I will always be there to listen and understand you and provide the best educational experience.

Currently, I am an Arts student with alot of Experience to share. I enjoy planning events and have been involved in governance before.I am absolutely thrilled to work for my fellow mates and explore more ground for the same.I know the world is in crisis and that everyone needs to stay safe , but democracy is still crucial and fortunately this Election is online. Make your vote count and elect Arshnoor kaur as your next Wellness and Access Director.

First Nations Director

Richard William Doucet

My name is Richard Doucet and I currently have the honor of holding the title of (CCSS) First Nations Director. I have worked hard on behalf of Indigenous students at Camosun. One of my main initiatives over the past year has been directed towards strengthening the indigenization efforts within Camosun college. Our college must be a safe place where our Indigenous youth, adults, and elders (old ones) can thrive spiritually and mentally from an Indigenous perspective. Another initiative I have worked diligently on has been Indigenous student funding. No Indigenous students should be denied the right to an education, and I have, and will continue to advocate for this right by continuing dialogs with our M.L.A.’s and M.P.’s to keep this crucial issue on the table. I would love to continue the work that is needed to support our Indigenous peoples towards accessing and acquiring an education. My strong belief is “no student left behind”, and I will continue to devote a great deal of my time to this cause. As Indigenous peoples, we need to walk this educational path together in a good way to inspire future Indigenous generations. Please vote for me to continue the good work.


Evalyn Combes

I am honoured to have an opportunity to be nominated for this position as a young aboriginal woman. I come from generations of strong leadership and I am proud to have a voice that was past down to me. I am part of Skwah First Nations, and I honour my father Alan Combes and my mother Lorraine Forbes, My name in Halq’emèylem is Lewalhmethot which means “ little miracle”.
I was raised by my late father who went to residential school, he taught me to be strong and bring knowledge to others about my culture. I take this opportunity to serve as a Aboriginal director very seriously, and if elected, I will bring strong leadership, spiritual knowledge, I will listen attentively to all concerns and be a voice for the students.

Thank you for your consideration

International Director

Monika Bhardwaj

My name is Monika Bhardwaj and I am honored to have been nominated for International Director position.

I am an extrovert, empathetic and go getter woman who loves new challenges. My main goal is to become a voice for international students from all over the world, regardless of their country of origin, society, language, culture, gender, race, or religion.

Since, I am an international student, I am familiar with the difficulties that students face when relocating from their home country to Canada. With the pandemic, these issues have multiplied. I have a few plans in mind that I would like to implement if given the opportunity, which will result in a smooth transition. I will work tirelessly towards making sure that students face minimum obstacles when college shifts from online to in person mode.

Though this is my first election at Camosun, I have previously held positions such as Chief Coordinator at the Event’s Club and Senior Member at my college’s Literary and Quiz Club. In high school, I was also the Head Girl.

Let’s make Camosun bigger, better, more diverse, and inclusive by working together!

Monika Bhardwaj

Sustainability Director

Yangchao Hu

Help make the world more sustainable, not just we do at Camosun or Victoria in this second. We need to learn what sustainable journey together. Sustainability encompasses so much, it contains environmental, social and economic concerns. As a community member at Camosun. We all have much to learn about it and much to share about it. All Camosun students, staff, faculty and administrators are encouraged to join the club. At the heart of the program, We are going to build a more prosperous and sustainable future for all of you.


Amanda Garner

My name is Amanda Garner, and I am offering myself as a candidate for the Sustainability Director position. I am studying in the field of environmental sciences and have a previous degree in kinesiology. I have spent the last year on the Board of directors for the CCSS where I worked closely with the sustainability collective and learned crucial skills that I hope to apply as the new Sustainability Director. Through this position I want to continue the wonderful work that was done before me and help encourage climate action and environmental stewardship.

Lansdowne Director-at-Large

Angela Chou

I’ve been involved with the Student Society for most of my time at Camosun, and it would be my pleasure to continue on as a Lansdowne Director to do my best to advocate, work for you, and help out in the ways that I can!

Board of Governors (College Elections Position)

Lindsay JD van Gerven

I am a Camosun Student and am currently half way through my Associates Degree with an emphasis on Community Engagement. A year into the global pandemic, like so many students, I have done my best to adapt to the online learning environment. As well, I have remained active as a student representative of the Board of Governors. I am committed to assisting students navigate their Camosun experience successfully, reduce educational barriers as well as support the development of relevant career building opportunities. I am honoured to be a Student Representative, on Board of Governors and am seeking re-election to this position. One of the needs I supported during the past year, was student outreach, where I assisted in the assembly of food hampers for students. I have also been involved in the consultation process for the redesign of the Wilna Thomas Building, particularly in relation to the accessibility and inclusivity of common areas.

As a mature student who has lived internationally as well as overcome adversity, I understand some of the challenge’s students experience when choosing to re-enter the classroom. I participated in the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) surveys. During the focus group process, I advocated for mature students, single parent students, working students and students with disabilities. I feel privileged to be that voice for students during these focus groups. I believe in Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and the Truth and Reconciliation Process. I speak openly with respect about the need for continued initiatives to support these issues. Thank you for your consideration and taking the time to vote. Wishing you all continued success and enjoyment with your chosen course of study at Camosun College.


Puneet Kaur

Message from the CEO: Puneet is also running for one of two student spots on the College Board of Governors.


Important Dates

Nomination Period: March 12-March 25

During the Nomination Period, prospective candidates must register their candidacy, platform statement, and student nominations. Candidates are required to collect the full names and student numbers of three CCSS members (Camosun students) who wish to nominate their candidacy. Click here to register as a candidate.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of required nominations have decreased from 15 to 3.  Additionally, we are urging students to collect their nominations virtually. Candidates are welcome to request student nominations through the Camosun Student App.

Campaign Period: March 29-April 9

The CCSS may reimburse candidates up to a maximum of $25 for marketing costs provided the candidate produces receipts.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, putting up campaign posters on or around campus is prohibited.

Voting Period: April 12-April 14

Voting will take place online via electronic ballot.  Members of the Society may vote with one ballot for each of the Council positions for which they are entitled to. If only one nomination is received for a particular office, the election will be by a yes/no vote on a ballot.


About: Electoral Committee

The Electoral Committee is a non-partisan committee that is lead by the Chief Electoral Officer and consists of three members of the society who are not presently seeking election.  This committee is responsible for:

  • The administration of the elections.
  • Ensuring elections occur in a timely manner.
  • Determining the eligibility of nominated candidates.
  • Reporting on the conduct and results of elections to Council for ratification.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Chief Electoral Officer at [email protected].


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Please note that this webpage is provided for informational purposes only and does not supersede the bylaws, constitution, or policies of the Camosun College Student Society. Nor does this information replace the advice or direct communication from the Chief Electoral Officer of the Camosun College Student Society. Notwithstanding the above, there are some temporary changes to existing rules and practices due to the Covid-19 pandemic.