Where We Advocate

Education Council

The Education Council is required by legislation to regulate the academic operations of the College. EdCo is where all academic policies and courses are approved. This group meets twice a month, and has a sub-committee to review curriculum changes. Four elected students sit on the Education Council, and one sits on the Curriculum sub-committee.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is a regulatory board for the institution that discusses and approves all high-level aspects of the institution. This includes, but is not limited to, the institution budget, course programming changes, tuition increases, land management and new buildings, and global operations. Two elected student representatives sit on this board.

College Committees

There are a number of regular and ad-hoc College Committees that meet to discuss certain aspects of the College. Rest-assured, your Student Society is representing students at these committee meetings.These include, but is not limited to, the Diversity Committee, the Parking and Transportation Management Committee, and the Scheduling Committee.

Government Lobbying

The Camosun College Student Society is active in government lobbying and outreach on municipal, provincial, and federal levels. At the municipal level, we lobby for things like improved transit services. On a provincial level, we lobby for better post-secondary funding, better grants programs, and the elimination of interest on student loans. On a provincial level, we lobby on a variety of issues by teaming up with the British Columbia Federation of Students.

CCSS Board members consistently participate in the BC Government Budget Consultation process and present, from a student perspective, to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Relations.

Our external executive is our main contact with government officials, as well as for campaigns in co-operation with other organizations. If you’d like to know more, visit our Campaigns page.

Individual Advocacy

Every instructor and every student wants a successful learning outcome, but not every semester winds up that way. After talking with your instructor, if you are having troubles between yourself and you teacher, we can advocate on your behalf.

Please reach out to advocacy@camosunstudent.org if you are unable to resolve academic issues with your instructor.

The CCSS Advocacy team works closely with the Camosun Ombuds office.