Dungeons & Dragons Club

Want to play that game you saw the kids on Stranger Things playing? Been a long term Dungeon Master and want to be a player again? Been a long time player but looking to DM your first game? Then this is the club for you!

Whether you know the Player Handbook start to finish, or you know nothing about Dungeons & Dragons other than it maybe has something to do with oddly shaped dice and wizards, we welcome players of all levels!

This club is a little different than other clubs in that we don’t have one set group meet time. Instead, we take your name and ask if you want to be a Player or a Dungeon Master and then add you to our master list and when we have enough players (and crucially a DM) we figure out a time that works well for everyone, book a room on campus, and you’re all set to start rollin’ some dice!

Contact Information

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Email: camosundnd@gmail.com