Policies of the Camosun College Student Society Throughout the years we have done our best to maintain a record of how the society operates in one handy policy manual. This is a series of board decided processes and procedures, which are intended to guide and define the operations of the CCSS. Link to PDF Link to Policies. Embedded PDF


Bylaws of the Camosun College Student Society Our bylaws are filed with the registrar of societies and govern how we conduct business in a fair and democratic way. These are only changed by the general membership at Annual General Meetings (AGM). Link to PDF Link to Bylaws. Embedded PDF



CCSS Documents Bylaws Policies Meeting Minutes We strive to maintain all key documentation accessible and up-to-date on our website. These documents are binding on the student society and define the structure and process that we follow in our day-to-day operations. All societies have bylaws and policies; however, nothing is ever spelt out in policy as a step-by-step process. … Read more

About Us

About Us

About the CCSS: The Camosun College Student Society (CCSS) was founded in 1990 by students to provide services to all students at Camosun College. The CCSS is an incorporated society and is independent from Camosun College. The society has grown to offer many programs and services to students, including UPass, Health & Dental plans, Foodbank, … Read more

Contact Us

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Contact Us By Email Click here to email us By Phone Lansdowne: General: 250-370-3590 Health & Dental: 250-370-3696 Hours: • Fall/Winter: 9am-4pm Monday-Friday • Summer: 9am-4pm Monday-Thursday Interurban: General: 250-370-3868 Health & Dental: 250-370-3869 Hours: • Fall/Winter: 8am-3pm Monday-Friday • Summer: 8am-3pm Monday-Thursday By Fax Lansdowne Fax number: 250-370-3636 Interurban Fax number: 250-370-3830 Health & Dental Plan MyStudentPlan Website Health … Read more

Indigenous Student Association

Indigenous Student Association Please note that this collective was renamed from the First Nations Student Association in April 2022 The Indigenous Student Association (ISA) is run by and for Indigenous students at Camosun College. ISA was formed to address the specific concerns of Indigenous students, and to provide a comfortable place for students to go. … Read more

Nexus Newspaper

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The Nexus Newspaper About The Nexus Newspaper The Nexus Newspaper was created with the student society in its founding referendum. It is autonomous from the Student Society in terms of its editorial content. All students have the right to participate in making their student newspaper a vibrant functional part of the student community. Contact The Nexus … Read more