File Claims Online:

    Policy Information

    When accessing the Health and/or Dental claim form please use the below information as a guide to complete the required sections of the form: 

    • Plan Number: 330758
    • Division Number: Not Applicable (Leave Blank)
    • Plan Name: Camosun College Student Society (CCSS)
    • Member ID: Your Student ID Number
    • Member Name & Address: Your Name & Address (the same one used to registered for Camosun)

    Direct Bill Claims

    Apply for the Benefits Card and then present at the provider if they direct bill. If you haven’t yet made a dental or pharmacy claims, then register at the online claims site to setup direct billing for the smaller providers.

    Online Claims

    Register for My Canada Life as follows:

    • Step 1: Open your Internet browser and go to
    • Step 2: Click on the Register button located under the Sign in red button.
    • Step 3: Click on the Select button under the Benefits information.
    • Step 4: Complete the form with the following information:
      Plan Number: 330758
      Member ID: Your Student ID Number
    • Wait 48 hours
    • Step 5: Upload a photo of your receipt.


    You are required to submit copies of your claim form, receipts and doctor’s referral (if required) when sending in your claim to the insurance provider. Remember to always keep copies for your records, as the insurance provider does audits. You have 15 months from the date the eligible expense is incurred to submit claims to Canada Life for consideration under your student plan.

    Did you know that you can submit claims online or via mail? Either of our CCSS offices can assist you in submitting claims. Find us here!

    To make your claim electronically, students must be registered for GroupNet (member eClaims), setup Direct Deposit of claim payments, and complete the eDetails section. Student will then be notified by email when a claim has been processed and that claim details are available for viewing online.

    To register for GroupNet to file eClaims, follow the process below:

    1) Go to
    2) Register for a new account with your policy information as outlined below:

    • Policy #330758
    • Your ID is your student number minus C0 (For example: C0625000 is 625000)
    • Please ensure that the postal code you input is the same postal code you used to register at Camosun

    3) Select a user ID, password and security question

    Tip: Canada has very exacting requirements for their user ID & Password, which helps to secure your data. Make sure you read all their requirements and follow them!

    4) Read the Access Agreement
    5) Input banking information, including transit number, institution number, and account number. You can obtain this information from your bank institution, you can use a void cheque, or contact your banking institution for that information.
    6) Begin submitting claims.

    Click here to visit our health and dental website

    This webpage is for information only and does not supersede or any information provided by CCSS Health & Dental Officers or Canada Life. It is strongly recommended that you communicate with CCSS Health & Dental officer prior to using your benefits.
    Contact us.