Womens Collective

Women’s Collective

The Collective lounge is located in Richmond House 102 at Lansdowne
The Women’s Lounge at Lansdowne Campus is open on weekdays from 8am to 8pm.

Since 1993, the Camosun College Women’s Collective has been providing a welcoming environment for self-identified women on campus. A self-identified woman is anyone who sees themselves or identifies as a woman; this includes transwomen, gender and/or sex transitioning, and natal females or intersexed individuals. The support provided is multi-dimensional; there is a ‘safer space’ on both campuses to provide an area for self-identified women to meet, share, and support one another with respect and understanding, and there is the collective at large. The collective at large is facilitated through the Women’s collective staff and director who organize and provide resourcing on campus and regular meetings. The governing process of the Women’s collective is based on Consensus Decision Making. This system works to acknowledge the diversity of women and empower individuals by validating their experiences and celebrating difference with the understanding that unity does not mean uniformity.

The Women’s Collective is a feminist group that promotes solidarity and social justice advocacy. We recognize the marginalization of self-identified women through the forces of patriarchy, ongoing colonialism, gendered violence, racism, heteronormativity, covert discrimination, xenophobia, capitalism, and other complex identities and systems of oppression that jeopardize the lives of Women in Canada and beyond.

No experience is required, and involvement in collective is not expected. The Women’s Lounges provide free coffee and tea; a quiet cozy environment to study, chat, or relax; a fridge and microwave, and a phone.

Most importantly, the Collective is where lots of interesting, creative, and delightful friends can be made. There are also numerous workshops and activities throughout the school year. If you have ideas regarding events or workshops or just want to talk please contact the Women’s collective or find us on Facebook (Camosun Women’s Collective)

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Meeting minutes

September 24th, 2014 Women’s Collective Meeting Minutes (Click to view)

Contact Info:

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Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 250-370-3590

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