Group Funding Application

The CCSS provides funding (as defined by Clubs Policy IV, B-5) for Student Groups in “good standing.”  Please read the entire page thoroughly before filling out the application.


Developing a Budget for Funding Proposals

To apply for funding, you must outline your planned expenses and demonstrate your financial need. Consider the following elements as an example, and then use the following template to develop your own budget. If you have any questions please contact the Clubs Coordinator at

Example of an inadequate budget:


Example of a good budget:

ItemQuantityCostTotal Cost
Printed t-shirts257.50187.50
Notebook for players103.9039.00
Snacks for weekly meetings825.00200.00
Game supplies160.0060.00
Taxes (12%)58.98

Budgeting pro-tips:

  • Request funding once or twice per semester and ask group members for input when budgeting
  • If you realize you need more than you expected or something else, submit another request
  • Don’t use rough numbers for categories that are too general (eg. Supplies, Entertainment, etc.)

Examples of “acceptable” expenses:

  • Weekly Meeting Supplies
  • Film Nights, Guest Speakers
  • Banners, Posters, Advertising
  • T-Shirts, Water bottles, Promo Material
  • Take-out or Snacks under 25$ per meeting

Examples of “unacceptable” expenses:

  • Any expense incurred prior to registration/renewal
  • Any expense without an “itemized” receipt
  • Capital Investments for profit
  • Donations
  • Restaurant Expenses


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