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All inquires about Clubs and student groups can be emailed to

Below is a short description of each button:

Join a Student Club – information and contact information for organizers of current Common-Interests and Recreation Clubs. Anyone can join any club.

Register Your Club – Want to register or renew your club? All you need is an idea for a club, 5 student willing to join, and a rough idea of a budget.

Read the Clubs Policy – the CCSS has established a Clubs Program, which is defined by the CCSS Clubs Program Policy. This policy is designed to act as a guide and reference manual for any Student Group member or organizer. All organizers are responsible to be familiar with the Clubs Policy and abide by requirements to be “in good standing”.

Club Events Calendar – All Student Groups must post ALL events and activities to the Clubs Calendar. Any student may participate in any event posted on the calendar. Student Group organizers are responsible for submitting events to the calendar prior to activities.

Support for Organizers – this portal includes forms for registration/renewal, funding request, service request, room booking, calendar event submission, and more.

Contact Us – this form allows anyone to contact the CCSS Clubs Program Coordinator. They can also be reached by email: