Club, Events, & Social Activities

Due to the ongoing pandemic operation of clubs on campus has been moved to online only for the foreseeable future.  If you require assistance with your existing club or starting a new club in the online space please email

Despite the pandemic, the CCSS still wants you to know about COVID safe events to keep you connected with your fellow students.

In addition to regular club activities, please check here for other social events that the CCSS encourages you to take part in.

Friday Music – Live at Five with Danielle Lebeau Peterson

Every Friday, we host Danielle as she signs & strums some tunes! Check out the live music at For more information, please watch this video.

Students for Change Club

Are you interested in shaping the future of our community?
Do you have a passion for progress?
Do you want to be a campus leader?
We actively work to promote important social issues on campus and beyond.
We’re current working on issues of housing, mental health and sustainability.
And we want you to join us!
Questions? Want to Join? Contact the Organizer:
They have meetings every 2nd Tuesday at 7 PM

Camosun Nursing Student Collective

The Camosun Nursing Student Collective is a group of peers who come together to support the student body, advocate for marginalized populations, and increase educational experiences for nursing students. Check out their webpage at
Contact the Organizer:


Games Club

Interested in the drop-in Dungeons and Dragons club on Tuesdays (2-4pm) and Thursdays(6-8pm)
Please email 
Keep your eyes peeled for some more things in the future – The only hint that we’re allowed can give is that tabletops aren’t just used for cooking anymore!

Centre for Sport and Exercise Education  – Student Association (CSEESA)

Our main goal is to provide social events throughout the school year to connect all students who are part of the faculty. This year our goal is to engage our student body primarily through our social media. We are hoping to do a few give aways to get students connecting together. We are still hoping to do the Bell Let’s Talk event on mental health by using our social media platforms . We are also hoping to do a social distance Marathon event around November with a grand prize for the winning team.
Questions? Want to Join? Contact the Organizer:


Camosun Recreation

While technically not a club, it’s encouraged that students consider the Camosun students and staff can now book one workout session a day, up to 5 sessions a week. You can book 1 week in advance up until the time the session starts. Drop-ins are not allowed


Maker’s Club


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