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General questions about the Clubs Program

What are clubs?
Clubs are the best way to meet new friends, learn a skill, or blow off some steam as a student at Camosun. The Camosun College Student Society clubs program proudly supports independent student run groups of all sorts at Camosun!

Who funds clubs?
Funds are available for registered clubs through the Camosun College Student Society. Plenty of clubs choose to fundraise A

How do I join a club
Your best bet is to check out

Who sets meetings
Clubs are encouraged to set meetings, you can view the most up-to-date clubs calendar at

Where can I find more information about clubs

Who runs clubs / how does a club decide how to operate and when to meet

Info for starting a club

How do I start a Club?
Thanks for the interest in starting a club! Grab a fellow students who wants to help you organize the club.
1. submit a registration online,
2. gather at least 5 members to sign the membership form, and
3. submit the Membership Form.How many people are needed to start a club?

Can non-students be in my club?
The policy allows

Do we need to hold meetings?
The clubs policy

How do we get funding from the CCSS?
Your registered club can check out

What qualifies for additional funding over $200
Anything. You must submit an application with a budget so the request can be evaluated for approval.


Clubs faq cheque request thursday afternoon

What are the requirements to start a club / keep it going?

What are the on-going requirements to keep a club going?

What is the Clubs Policy and where do I find it?
The “Clubs Policy” is the definition and requirement for all Student Groups that has been adopted by the CCSS to determine funding and act as source of requirements for any Student Group to operate under the CCSS. The Clubs Policy can be found at:

How do people join our club?

Is there a certain way we have to communicate to the club members?

Are there any deadlines for people organizing clubs?

What is a membership list and why does my club need it?
Membership form can be anything you want it to be. We’ve seen & acceted everything from looseleaf piece of paper to full blown fancy excel sheets with fancy calculations.

Generally student groups find it helpful to collect student names, phone numbers, and emails, as well as C0###### numbers in case a student needs to be verified.
Please send the email to  to send the membership form to me when it’s collected.

Info for clubs organizers 

Don’t over-think tabling! Yes, you do want to plan where to best get students, but since there is no perfect place to table, don’t spend all your time worrying about not finding the perfect place to do some outreach!

Most of the time, it just works to pick a place, then go to that place. Don’t worry about booking table spaces with the college, expect in odd situations (For instance in 2014 from about November to December, it was impossible to table in the fisher foyer, since the place was booked by everyone else exploiting students before the Christmas holidays…I meant, selling their wares to students.

Camosun Lansdowne roombooking:

Camosun Lansdowne roombooking:

Lansdowne Fisher foyer is the best since the book store, cafeteria and CCSS office is in that area, so everyone kinda gravitates there, although it never hurts to move around the campus. Young building can be successful, as can Wilna Thomas and Ewing.

Interurban it works best to move around the campus; Spending too much time in CBA, you won’t get to talk to the tech students, or trades students, so best bet is to move around the campus.

And, I always tell people that sometimes your best bet is to simply ditch the whole table aspect of it, and wander around with a clipboard chatting with people.

We want to start a club and will need space to operate. How does that work? Can I book the movement studio, a classroom, cafeteria, a table for the foyer, etc?

How do I advertise for such and such an event?

I need to sell tickets, can I do that in the office?

Process for accessing your funding


Regular Funding

Over $500

We want to have a bake sale to raise funds? How do we go about organizing this?


Clubs days

Trust funds

How do we fundraise for the club?

My club is going to do a bake sale! What’s the first step?

If you are hosting a bake sale, please print this sign to ensure that


I want to deposit some money our club fundraised
Answer Don’t forget to get a clubs deposit form!


How do I do a clubs budget?

Info for students wanting to join a club

Where can I find info about the soccer club?

What about promoted clubs?

How do I join a club

I’ve emailed a club several times and they haven’t responded. Help!
Don’t take it personally – this happens a lot!

Can I take over a club that isn’t meeting anymore?

For those joining a club:

How do I find more information about what clubs are available to join

How does a club get funding or book rooms

What do I do if a club doesn’t respond to my emails

What are the requirements for joining a club (do i need to be a student)