International Students Collective

International Student Director is an advocate, provided by the CCSS, to voice and act on the issues of international students. The International Student Directors’ mission is to facilitate events such as bowling, movies, potlucks and cultural events. This will help enable International students to understand Canadian culture, as well as help promote cultural awareness. As a Camosun College student, the International Student Director will assist in any way possible. Whether it be planning school activities or promoting your cultural traditions we can work together. Beyond these services, the International Student Director is a source to help guide you to various resources within the community that caters to international students. The role of this position is not only to meet the needs of international students but also to promote inclusion within the entire student body. The International Student Director is also here to represent the issues of international students to the Camosun International Department. Please feel free to contact the International Student Director at any time with any suggestions or requests. We look forward to your response.