2019 Spring Elections

Thanks for participating in the 2019 Spring CCSS Elections

Whether you are a voter, a candidate, or an interested party, thank you for participating in the elections.

If you’d like to view the initial (Unofficial) elections results, check them out here! Spring 2019 Election Results

Curious about former election results?

Click here to view the past election results.

What are student elections?

Generally speaking, student elections are held twice a year at Camosun College – in the Spring and Fall. All current Camosun students are eligible to hold elected positions on the Camosun College Student Society Board. There are also elected student positions on Camosun College governance bodies (Education Council and Board of Governors). With the exception of by-elections, elected positions are held for 12 month terms, with varying term start dates. As a student, you have the chance to participate in online elections. Keep checking your email during the elections period to access your right to vote.

Timeline of the Elections

1. Nomination Period:
Monday, March 4 | 9:00pm
Tuesday, March 19 | 11:59pm
March 20th 11:59 PM Deadline for platform statements and digital photos of candidates to be sent to [email protected]
2. Campaign Period:
Monday, March 25 | 9:00am

Sunday, April 7 | 11:59pm
3. Voting Period:
Monday, April 8 | 9:00am–11:59pm
Tuesday, April 9| 12:00am–11:59pm
Wednesday, April 10| 12:00am–9:00pm
Voting to take place online – check your email for instructions on how to vote!
Results announced April 11 or April 12th


The Appeals deadline is 72 hours past the announcement of the elections results. You must email [email protected] to make an appeal. For questions relating to EdCo & BoG elections, please contact  [email protected].

Curious about former election results?

Click here to view the past election results.

Do you have questions about the elections?

Please contact the Chief Electoral Officer at [email protected].

Please note that this webpage is provided for informational purposes only and does not reflect or replace the bylaws, constitution, or policies of the Camosun College Student Society. Additionally, it does not reflect or replace any correspondence, information, or advice from the Chief Electoral Officer of this election cycle of the Camosun College Student Society elections. Furthermore, this information concerning Camosun College elections does not replace any existing bylaws or policies of Camosun College.