Current Campaigns

Squash the Squeeze

This campaign was created by BC students to fight barriers faced by BC students. The campaign asks the provincial government directly to Squash the Squeeze on BC Students by;
– Eliminating Interest on Student Loans
– Restoring the Needs Based Grants Program
– Decreasing Tuition Fees
– Increasing Funding to public post-secondary institutions
Together, these four asks would solve many of the problems faced today – skyrocketing student debt, massively underfunded Post-Secondary Institutions, and financial barriers to students attending post-secondary school. Visit to learn more and to sign the petition.

Let’s Get Consensual

Let’s Get Consensual is a campaign against the prevalence of rape culture and sexualized violence. The campaign also actively looks to establish consent culture on our campuses and in the greater community.
You can learn more at the campaign Facebook page ( or on Anti-Violence Page’s website (


Don’t Close the Doors On Adult Education

In 2014, the Christy Clark government cut millions of dollars from adult basic education. Adults are now paying hundreds of dollars for high school upgrading courses. Doors of opportunity are closing for thousands of British Columbians who are working hard to gain the knowledge and skills they need to get better jobs, support the economy, and create better lives for themselves, and their families. Adult Basic Education (ABE) has been tuition-free in BC since 2007. The provincial government announced a massive $15.9 million funding cut from Adult Basic Education programming in BC and removed the tuition-free ABE mandate. This short-sighted plan will hurt our economy and fuel inequality.

Tell Christy Clark to stop closing the doors on the future of adult learners. Visit for more information and to sign the petition.

Fight For $15

Many students earn wages that put them below the poverty line, and even more consider their low wages and high tuition fees as a barrier to attending college. This Campaign supports the right for workers to make a fair a decent wage. We support this campaign as Coalition partners with the British Columbia Federation of Labour. Visit the campaign website at for more information, or you can look up “Fight For $15 BC” on Facebook: