Students with Disabilities Collective

Students with (dis)Abilities Collective

195The Camosun College Student Society is proud to offer students unconditional support and advocacy.

Our Student’s with (dis)Abilities director acts as an advocate for those affected by both physical and mental health concerns. The director provides a listening ear and acts as a confidant for discussion of personal issues.

In coalition with the Disability Resource Centre, we provide campus tours of both Interurban and Lansdowne campuses. The tours include information surrounding financial aid, library services, andstudent services.

Additionally, the Student’s with (dis)Abilities director works with campus counsellors to implement the “Healthy Minds and Healthy Campuses” initiative, which targets the improvement of mental health for students throughout British Columbia’s post-secondary institutions.

Our overall goal is to reduce stigma, gain awareness, and equality for all of Camosun College’s students.

Your ideas and feedback are always welcome. Please contact the Students with (dis)Abilities director for further information, by email , or click here to visit our council members page.

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