Summer Non-Enrolled U-Pass Available April 21st


Summer (May-Aug 2023) Non-Enrolled U-Passes are available for purchase as of April 21st by most students who were enrolled during the Winter semester.

How to purchase

Bring your current student ID card with you to the library. If you need a replacement card, complete the Camosun ID Card order form (Open in new window) in advance. The cost for the Non-Enrolled U-Pass is $94 for the Summer 2023 semester (May-August). Be sure to keep your receipt as proof of purchase as it’s your only proof of purchase. Follow the steps below to purchase the non-enrolled U-Pass:
Step 1: Visit the library at either campus.
Step 2: Have your student card with you or order a replacement card in advance. The library will confirm that you were enrolled during the previous semester and you can pay the $94 by debit or credit card.
Step 3: Your student card will be swiped to encode the new U-Pass expiry date.
Step 4: Keep your receipt and/or take a picture of it, as you will be required to show proof of purchase in order to get a replacement should you lose your student card.

What if only 7 week summer classes

Student that were enrolled in the Winter semester and are taking 7 week summer classes can purchase the Non-Enrolled U-Pass and then opt out of the $40.50 U-Pass fee included in your tuition by submitting the receipt via our U-Pass Opt Out Form (reason #2).