March 14, 2020 Update

As Camosun College deploys alternate educational delivery methods and transitions away from most classroom-based instruction over the next week, the Camosun College Student Society (CCSS) would like all Camosun College students to know that the College and the CCSS are following the COVID 19 Coronavirus situation very closely.  We request that all students remain patient during this unexpected transition period and watch for communications from your faculty and respective schools.  The College is in constant contact with public health officials and the government as well as with the student society, and they are providing us with constant updates as the situation changes. 

In person classes will transition to other delivery models over the next week, but key student services including the student society will remain open to serve you.  The CCSS Election process that is currently ongoing (nominations close on March 20th) will also continue.  Please keep in mind that there is only one confirmed or presumptive case of COVID 19 on Vancouver Island, but this situation will likely change, and it is important to remain vigilant and follow the advice provided by public health officials and the College.  The best precautions remain washing your hands often and maintaining as much social distancing as possible. Please do not come to campus if you have reason to believe you have been exposed to COVID 19, have travelled to an impacted country within the last 14 days, or have any of the symptoms listed in the link below this message.

The CCSS has no doubt that the College is acting diligently and is very concerned about both the health and academic interests of students, and they have committed to do everything possible to ensure that students do not suffer academically as a result of any COVID 19 disruptions.  Please remain safe, and in addition to following our posts please monitor your email and the Camosun College website for more updates and information.

The Camosun College Student Society

COVID 19 Information: