Health and Dental Referendum – Fall 2022

Below you will find 2 referendums held within the Fall 2022 student election at Camosun.

Both ballots are virtual – eligible students will be sent an email on October 24th, 2022


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Health and Dental Fee Referendum

Whereas, the Camosun College Student Society began offering Extended Health and Dental Plans to students in 1999 and since that time has offered a valuable and financially stable service.  The plans cost to students can be increased by 3% per year and the CCSS has always kept increases below that amount, but current inflation and health care costs have increased substantially and the CCSS desires the flexibility to increase plan costs more during years when inflation is higher than normal in order to maintain plan stability and service levels.

Are in in favour of allowing the cost of the student Health and Dental plans to increase annually at a maximum rate of inflation +1% (currently a maximum of 3%) during years when inflation is higher than traditionally normal?



The Pandemic has had two major impacts with respect to the provision of all health services. It has increased the costs of offering medically related services due to demand, shortages of necessary supplies and providers.   Secondly, the pandemic has helped to create an economic situation where inflation in higher than Canadians have seen in decades.  These combined pressures and the general level of uncertainty may make it difficult for the Camosun College Student Society to maintain or improve its health and dental services without having more options to respond to the unprecedented situation.  Health and Dental plan costs can currently increase by 3% per year but the CCSS would like the ability to increase the costs of the plans by inflation + 1% in years where inflation is higher than traditionally normal. 

The CCSS has never raised Health and Dental Plan charges by the maximum amount and always seeks to keep cost low.  Making this change would give the CCSS Health and Dental plans the flexibility to withstand the current challenges while maintaining service levels to plan members. 

Please Vote Yes for Health and Dental Plan Stability

Virtual Care Program Referendum

Whereas Camosun students have expressed their difficulties in receiving primary health care and the growing shortage of doctors combined with the closing of walk in clinics is making health care worse and leaving many with few options except going to the already overburdened hospitals. The Camosun College Student Society(CCSS) believes that virtual health platforms provide options to students in addressing many medical concerns and wants to provide CCSS Members an enhanced virtual care product that will be available 24 hours a day to meet the medical needs of students and their immediate families.

Do you support the Camosun College Student Society (CCSS) implementing a Virtual Care Program at a cost to students of $35.00 per year to provide all students with individual access to qualified medical care through a virtual platform 24 hrs per day & 7 days a week. This Virtual Care Program will help address many of the common medical concerns faced by students, an opt out is available to students not wanting the service*, and premium increases for this program may only occur once annually and to a maximum increase of inflation +1% ?
*During the annual opt-out period, students may choose to opt-out from this service without any conditions for a full refund.



Key Points:
• In partnership with Telus Health, the Camosun College Students’ Society would like to provide all its members with a virtual doctor service starting in September of 2023. This service provides students with unlimited 24/7 access to licensed health experts, including doctors and nurse practitioners, who can provide students and their families diagnosis and treatment plans, and direct them to the correct specialists and facilities.

• There’s a doctor crisis in Victoria and across Canada, a service like this will serve to support students with their healthcare needs by allowing them to connect with a health professional within minutes

• Realities of primary care
• 60% of family doctors cannot accommodate urgent visits
• 40% of patients sampled said their last ER visit could have been resolved by a GP, if they had been available

• Student’s dependents, including spouses/partners and children will have unlimited access at no additional cost

• 90% of consultations responded within 2 minutes

• Over 84% of consults are resolved through the virtual doctor service

• No cancellation penalties

• Referral to practitioner savings network – paramedical, vision, pharmacy

• Referral to mywellness service and resources

• Unlimited access to the following is available:
• Physicians, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, and other Allied Care Professionals
• Fast access via chat, video, or phone
• Video consultations with licensed doctors and nurses
• Referrals and requisitions with specialists and labs
• Free delivery of prescriptions to pharmacy of choice
• Care navigation and concierge accompanying patients to the right resources
• Proactive follow-up with a member of their care team

• Can be used for:
·       Dermatology conditions such as skin rashes, hives, or abrasions​
·       Minor emergencies: urinary tract infections, sinusitis, etc. ​
·       In times when you would go see a primary care physician for conditions like sinus pain, headaches, cough, or fever 

• Access to the myvirtualdoctor service will be available through the Telus virtual platform, which is available via the web or through a mobile application that students can download for free (note this is a different and enhance service compared to any free apps currently available)

• Unconditional Opt-Out will be available, meaning no proof that you have a family doctor is required

• When a student opts-out, the student will either not be charged or get a full refund for the service