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These are groups started by other students – everyone is welcome to join any club. Clubs have a main contact person (usually the initiator) and must hold regular meetings. If you are interested in learning more about any clubs, or how you can join, you may contact any club using the emails provided below. If you’re looking for Course Unions, please click here.

Start a Campus Club

If you have an inspiration to organize a club at Camosun, submit a registration form and gather at least 5 members to make it official! Click here to go directly to our REGISTER / RENEW A CLUB page and/or click here to view the CCSS CLUBS POLICY document that defines Clubs at Camosun. We encourage any current or recent students to start a club – it’s easy!

Join a Campus Club

ANY CAMOSUN STUDENT may join ANY club by contacting the club and participating in the next club meeting. If you have any trouble joining a club, please phone 250-370-3590 or email

(This list was last updated on January 16th, 2017)

A Clubs

Adventure Club

Welcome to the Adventure Club! Let’s explore Beautiful British Columbia together! We do hikes, climbing, skating and much more!

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African Awareness Club

The main goals of the African Awareness Committee is to: promote awareness of Africa’s development,Develop educational and curriculum materials for understanding Africa, and support community development in Africa.

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Animal Ethics Club

The Animal Ethics Club is the club with a focus on the ethics of eating animals and animal welfare. The club is a platform for discussion, education and activism relating to the treatment of animals. Anyone interested is welcome to join! Planned activities include documentary nights with sustainability related food documentaries, “Bring a buddy” vegetarian picnics, vegetarian/vegan pot-luck dinners, joints events with UVic Vegan Club, day trips to farms, activism for vegetarian options at Lansdowne and Interurban campus cafeterias, and meatless Mondays, etc.

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Arts & Wellness Club

The Arts & Wellness Club will let you relax and have a better semester!

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B Clubs

Camosun BC Young Liberals

The Camosun BC Young Liberals club aims to engage youth in politics. We aim to host networking events with local politicians during the semester to allow students to meet their local representatives and learn about opportunities for them in politics.

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Board Games Club

Tired of being bored at Camosun? Why not be BOARD at Camosun! Bring your friends in & meet some new pals for a classic game of Monopoly, or an exciting game of Settlers of Catan! Stay tuned for frequent game nights, tournaments, and prizes! This club will operate out of Lansdowne as well as Interurban (Admit it: you saw that bored vs board pun coming from a mile away)

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Business Study Club

The Business Study group focuses on helping, primarily, business students who may be struggling in their classes. We are open to all students, even those who are enrolled in other areas, such as culinary or arts. We meet every Wednesday at 10H30-15H30 and Thursday at 10H30-14H00. Areas and classrooms we meet in, along with updates and general news can be found at Planned activities will focus around any fun event that will help inspire confidence, knowledge, and entrepreneurship in creative ways.

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C Clubs

Campus Closet Club Business Study Club

Campus Closet serves to set up and operate a lending library of professional clothing for students at Camosun. Campus Closet will be organized and operated by students, for students. Numerous course assignments will have assignments that volunteers with Camosun College can use for course credit.

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Canadian Blood Services Club

The purpose of the Camosun Blood Club is to promote Canadian Blood Services and to spread awareness of the importance of blood and blood products. Blood and blood products are a critical part of everyday medical care including major surgeries, medical procedures, cancer treatments and managing disease.

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Cantonese Conversation Club

The Goal of this club is so more people can speak Cantonese, and have a better understanding of the Cantonese cultural background. We would like to invite more students to this club and have fun when learning Cantonese.

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Classic & Party Gaming Club

There is nothing better than hanging out with some pals & making new ones with the shared hobby of classic games!

  • Retro Games: We got that!
  • Smash Bros: We got that!
  • Rock Band: We got that!
  • Wii: We got that!
  • Pac Man: We got that too!

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Comics Club

A group of students associated with, or planning to be associated with, the comics program. We’re getting together before classes to discuss classes, comics, or anything nerd related, and to help each other on current projects. We welcome people outside the comics program in hopes of convincing them to join the program in later years.

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Criminal Justice Students Course Union

To represent the interests and needs of the students of the Criminal Justice program, and organize/oversee students events, fundraising, community outreach programs, and the graduation of second-year students. The CJUS also acts as a liaison between students and faculty.

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Culture Club

Culture Club – Watch this page for some exciting ways to create, and discover and participate in culture at Camosun!

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Cycling Club

The goal if this club is to provide a platform for students to share ideas about making cycling safer both at school and in the community. Also, providing a sense of community by hosting group ride events and raising awareness about cycling safety and pushing for improvements to infrastructure.

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D Clubs

DECA (Business) Club

A business club which prepares members for challenging and rewarding careers in marketing, finance, hospitality & management. You can learn more by visiting the DECA site at

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Depression & Anxiety Club

A safe place to talk about depression and anxiety. No pressure to talk, just come and sit and be around others who are dealing with the same thing. Very informal.

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Desi Swag (Dance Club)

As Martha Graham Says ….”Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion”. This is a group for all the passionate dancers across Camosun. For those who feel an impulse to shake their legs without the rules of day or night. As a group, we are here to learn and brush up the dancing skills. Learning, practising, performing, entertaining and having fun will be the activities that we’ll focus on.

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F Clubs

First Canadian Toastmasters Club

To provide a welcoming environment for members to practice speaking & listening skills as well as learning leadership skills. The goal is to maintain club standards to welcomed members for a positive educational opportunity.

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G Clubs

Great Camosun Sales Club

If one thinks of selling as explaining the logic and benefits of a decision, then everyone even you needs sales skills: to convince others that an idea makes sense, to show how a project/business will generate a return, to help employees understand benefits of a new process, etc. The Great Camosun Sales Club is your ticket to success in the Great Canadian Sales Competition and in gaining/developing a transferrable skill valuable to any employer. The club will also host workshops on campus with high profile professionals and help you gain perspective on the job market.

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I Clubs

I Don’t Give a Craft! (Craft Club)

The purpose of ‘I Don’t Give a Craft!’ is to provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere where students can make cool crafts and meet new people. No artistic skill is required.

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International Talent Club


-Establish a group of talented individuals in the art of singing, playing instruments and magic show and work together to enhance skills
-Give the students a chance to showcase their talents in front of a bigger audience
-Connect Canadian and international culture


-Talents and skills are enhanced and developed
-Social connections and building relationships
-Promoting discipline and building confidence
-Keeping away students from vices and other unproductive activities
-Learning different cultures
-Cross training (jump to learning other skills)


Club meetings and practice on a biweekly basis perform in Camosun events (ex. international orientation, cultural show, snow ball)

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Interurban Women In Engineering Club

‘Camosun’s Interurban (CI) Women in Engineering’ is open to female students enrolled in the civil engineering program. The goal of this club is to instil assertiveness and confidence in ladies to voice their opinions in the classroom and workplace. Guest lecturers will give their experience of being a woman in the industry and detail challenges and opportunities that may be ahead. Potential Guests are as follows: Sarah Campden: Project Manager and Techologist, board member of ASTTBC, Melissa Trost: Project Manager and Technologist at Tetra Tech, Alexis Martfield: English Teacher, and Robin Ley, Tracey Burns: Executive coaching & Leadership Development.

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J Clubs

Japanese Conversation Club

We meet once a week, generally on Friday afternoons. We had an average of 30 people over the course of one semester. We would hold learning activities, and complementary games associated with the text being used in the Japanese courses at Camosun. We will also be holding a Sushi Day event sometime in October.

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M Clubs

Mandarin Club

Previously, a meeting every month to learn Mandarin Chinese as well as the history and ancient culture of China. It is very fun! The Mandarin club sometimes learns in the class room at Camosun, or attend events. For instance, to learn about Chinese classical dance and music in Vancouver. We have also created dumplings together in the past, and gone out for Chinese food in Chinatown with the group. There will sometimes be e-mails sent out in regards to links and information about learning Chinese online and through different programs too, ie. Skype or Apps for connecting internationally with other students.

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Muslim Students Association (Club)

Camosun College Muslim Students Association is a club to connect Muslim students or those interested in the Muslim faith by organizing social / charity events. Our goal is to spread a positive message about Islam and Muslims.

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N Clubs

Nursing Student Club

Camosun College Nursing Student club serves nursing students to expand their knowledge of nursing; it also provides a framework for the Peers Are Here program, which serves all Camosun Students

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P Clubs

Psychology Club

The purpose of the group is organize around our common interest in Psychology.
Activities will involve and not be limited to: meetings for hearing from guest speakers, social events, and talk about research.

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Photography Club

To maintain inspiration and motivation directed with photography. Intended for beginners and advanced students who are either taking photography at Camosun, have had previous training or simply have an interest in learning.

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R Clubs

Running & Track Club

The purpose of this group is to form a running club which is accessible to, and welcomes, all Camosun College students. Each run will start and end on the Interurban campus, and will take place on roads/trails around the area. If we are given the ok by PISE, we would also like to have access to the track once a week. We are hoping to have organized runs three days per week. *The exact start time and length of each run will be decided as a group at a later date.

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Radio Club

We are looking to apply for government licensing for fixed station broadcasting, we will be building an FM transceiver for the club to broadcast to other students/staff as well as the general area.

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Rowing Club

Meet together at the Victoria Rowing Club at Elk Lake and practice the sport of rowing multiple times a week. We try to arrange practices when it is agrees with most of the participants schedules. We are currently meeting Monday-Thursday at 6am

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S Clubs

Science Club

Camosun Science Club has been active for a year, with over 100 registered and 40 active members.  Join us for SCIENCE!

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A scuba diving club open to the whole school, certified and non certified members. Once a month events include, diving, snorkeling, shore cleanups, underwater cleanups, species identification. Main purpose is for busy students to gain experience and afford diving during school.

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Ski & Surf Club

The purpose of this group is to bring together students and organize trips to Mt Washington. Students will come together to carpool up to the mountain and enjoy a day of skiing, snowboarding, or anything related. This club will provide the ability for students to get up to Mt Washington at an affordable cost. Students can share gear (if desired), carpool, and be reimbursed for a partial cost of a day pass at the mountain. The Surf Club encourages students to utilize a benefit of living on the island … and that is to surf! All levels welcome, bring students together who share a common interest, meet new people and have fun. Plan is to organize group trips to port Renfrew on weekends throughout surfing season. Hoping to establish a relationship with a local surf rental business for deals on rentals for students.

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Soccer Club

We play soccer: drop-in, league, or competitive. Drop in (Lansdowne Middle-school Gym), Tuesday 8 pm to 10 pm and Thursday 8:30pm to 10:30pm.

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Society of Extraordinary Engineering Machines

We aim to apply practical knowledge of multiple engineering disciplines through the creation of water balloon based siege engines, including but not limited to, a trebuchet and a ballista. Creation will take place until the weather improves then we will have a friendly team based competition.

Questions? Want to Join? Contact the Organizer:


Student Well Being Club

The purpose of this club is to promote student well-being on campus. Club members will meet to discuss what topics of interest they feel will help promote well-being and how we can go about distributing that material.
Topics of interest so far are Nutrition for Mental Health, SafeTALK, stigma reduction, and emotional safety. The goal is to hear from club members and cater to their needs.

Questions? Want to Join? Contact the Organizer:

T Clubs

Toastmasters Lansdowne Club (Speakers Corner)

This club is an independently organized and locally run entity under the umbrella of Toastmasters International, a non-profit education organization. The club’s purpose is to provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth. Self-paced educational materials are available at cost from Toastmasters International, and members meet to support each other.

Members meet weekly on the Lansdowne campus to practice communication, presentation and leadership skills. Club officers elected from the membership run the club. We also host speaking and evaluation contests, and education sessions that are open to the college community and the public. Our members are welcome to attend any of the other ~35 Toastmasters clubs in the CRD, and many of those clubs’ members are Camosun students/employees who are welcome to visit our club. We coordinate activities with the First Canadian club that meets on the Interurban campus.

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V Clubs

Visual Arts Course Union (2016-2017)

Visual Arts aims to gain practical experience of being a studio artist by hosting our own art show somewhere off campus, in the outlying community. We hope to bring our art practice to the community as a whole by putting on our own complete art show from start to finish. We will be putting on fundraising events throughout the semester but the nature of those events is to be determined still. We are the students that a graduating from the visual arts program this year.

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Voice Up Club (2016-2017)

Class project from CSEA 160: Mary Harber
This is a continuation of a campus wide group, although some members will be receiving credit for their work through a course in the CFCS department. This group examines oppression and issues of social justice and uses theater to educate and influence change. This is based on a past innovation funds project. Although students will be receiving grades, we would like to also ask for increased funds as we are also a common interest club if others wanted to join.

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W Clubs

World University Service of Canada (WUSC Club)

WUSC is an NGO aiming to bring refugees from Asia & Africa to Canada for Post-Secondary Education.

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