Camfest returns bigger than ever this September

With all of the gorgeous weather this summer, a beach-themed Camfest seems like the best option, and that’s exactly what the Camosun College Student Society (CCSS) is planning for their annual welcome-back festival at the college during September. Taking place September 2 at Lansdowne and September 4 at Interurban, with a beach-party-themed beverage tent at Lansdowne on September 12 and a barnyard/harvest-themed beverage tent at Interurban on September 25, the summer-style Camfest promises to be bigger and better than recent years, featuring activities, games, live music and performances, and tasty food. Oh, and fire dancers. Did we mention fire dancers? Someone getting the ride of their life during a previous,

camfestparticularly wild, CamFest (photo by Camosun College A/V Services). “This year we’re stepping it up a notch,” says Interurban executive Andrea Eggenberger, one of the CCSS reps responsible for the planning of the event. “Think fire-dancers, live bands, and large-scale puppets!” The annual event, besides being a fun beginning-of-year celebration for new and returning students, is also an integral part of raising awareness about the CCSS and the services it provides to students. “It’s an excellent opportunity to meet and connect with other students and learn about what resources are available to them to help them in their educational process,” says CCSS external executive Rachael Grant. But who has time for education when there’s so much fun to be had? This year’s planning team spent a lot of time going for the festival vibe, so the first couple of weeks back at school should be a blast, if everything goes according to plan. And although most of the live performers haven’t been confirmed yet, Grant promises that the CCSS has “some pretty exciting people lined up.” “It’s looking to be bigger than last year,” she says. “We’re always striving to make it bigger and more festival-like. We have some really fun activities for the beach-themed beverage garden.” Camfest is also a chance for the CCSS team to get used to working together, something that they will do over the course of the school year, not only on events but also important campaigns for students. “Planning Camfest has pulled our new CCSS team closer together,” says Eggenberger, “and that’s just the feeling that we want Camfest to embody.” Despite planning taking place over the summer months, when many of the CCSS board members are away on holidays, Grant says planning the event has been a positive experience for everyone. “It’s been really fun planning this event,” she says. “We have a lot of new faces on the CCSS board right now, and it’s been really great working with them because they are really keen and excited to seek out new ways of having a really fun and exciting Camfest.”