Staff of the Society

Photo of Executive Director, Michel Turcotte Photo of Student Services, Michael Glover Photo of Clubs & Events, Tagg Kelt Photo of Financial Resources, Jaya Pai
Executive Director Student Services Clubs & Events Financial Resources
Michel Turcotte Michael Glover Tagg Kelt Jaya Pai
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
250-370-3590 250-370-3590 250-370-3590 250-370-3643
Photo of Lansdowne Health Plan, Christine Musselwhite Photo of Interurban Health Plan, Kilah Whitehaed Photo of Lansdowne Office, Matthew Martin Photo of Interurban Office, Gord Rant
Lansdowne Health Plan Interurban Health Plan Lansdowne Office Interurban Office
Christine Musselwhite Kilah Whitehead Matthew Martin Gord Rant
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
250-370-3696 250-370-3869 250-370-3696 250-370-3868
Photo of Clubs & Events Assistant, Quinn Park Photo of IT Support, Matthew Martin
Clubs & Events Assistant/Outreach IT Support
Quinn Park Matthew Martin
[email protected] [email protected]
250-370-3590 250-370-3868